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Welcome to my

About Me Organization

Hello there,

Here is My Personal Information.

  • My name is Yoga Pranata Damanik
  • 19 y.o
  • My hobby is playing games, watching anime
  • I currently know HTML, C++, C
  • I currently learn Python, Js, Go, PHP
  • Live in Indonesia

My Project

Here is My Project List

Telegram Bots

Click this then You can see List of All My Telegram Bots.

NekoPoi Channel

Click here to join My NekoPoi Channel.
🔞 Warning Adult Content 🔞

Anime Kyokai

A Chat Groups for People who like Anime and Manga.

Otaku Rss Feeds

Telegram Channel that parsing feed from many Anime, Manga, JDrama, Hentai, Doujin, JAV, Photobooks website.

zYxDevs Haste

A small and simple pastebin service (forked from hastebin).

Otaku Fanshare

An Anime site that share Anime from famous Fan Translator and Encoder sites.

My Tools

List of tools i've been use for all My Project